I've had the great pleasure to work on some amazing websites and on some amazing projects. Here's a small selection of my work. Over the years, many of these sites have gone off line - I wish I could share my fond memories of them with you in more than just a handful of words!

Blackboard Mobile


At Blackboard Mobile, I had the singular pleasure of working on many excellent projects. At the time that I left, I was working on their big data team, helping design and manage tools to wrangle data from all over the company from many sources using multiple amazing technologies. As a Senior Web Application Engineer, I ran the Mobile Web and Analytics Departments, and managed two small teams, one a small team of engineers who did not neatly fit in other teams (casually called Team Awesome), and the other the mobile analytics team. I refactored the mobile analytics code so it was dramatically more performant, wrote a full unit test suite to ensure it worked as intended, and spearheaded a complete server and database overhaul to ensure data integrity through replication and other means and other architectural and hardware based performance improvements. I rewrote the mobile web interface for the Mosaic project, making it responsive, templatized, and backed by a suite of unit tests. I worked closely with the Senior Architect and other core engineers on some of Blackboard Mobile's flagship products - which was not only continually challenging and exciting, but great fun! I also worked on their Mobile Central product, which allowed students and faculty to stay connected to campus activities and information on their mobile devices. My time at Blackboard Mobile pushed me to truly wonderful heights - exposing me to amazing technologies, great code, smart people, and ambitious projects! I was pleased to be a part of that astounding team.

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Creative Merchandise


At Creative Merchandise, I helped the clients build custom web stores that reflected their needs and the needs of their clients. My work involved maintaining a sizable existing code base, adding new features for both in house use and for the use of the client base. I handled everything from custom web design, to adapting the code base for specific client needs, to dealing directly with clients to make sure they got the store they need to excel in their business.

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Knot Eye Computing


At Knot Eye Computing I was part of a small team consisting of two programmers and a graphic designer. We specialized in custom content managers and company websites, but also got to work on some exciting projects outside our usual fare thanks to a partnership with an advertising company, Attack! Marketing. I primarily focused on taking designs from our artist and turning them into fully realized websites, from database driven content managers to simple static sites, and also did all the JavaScript and Ajax related work for the team.

BYO Records


BYO needed a web store that could handle the dynamic nature of their content, and a content manager that would allow them to manage a variety of different content types. Not just a web store, they are a source of information for band tour dates, music, videos, industry news, and more. They also needed a site that worked with their particular branding - edgy, intense, and vibrant. While working at Knot Eye, I helped build that system, and integrate the front end interface with the sizable and complicated database.

Punk Rock Bowling


Punk Rock Bowling needed multi-faceted site that could handle the theatrical and tournament aspects of their event. This included a complex registration for the various bowling teams that signed up, information on bands, accommodations, and sponsors, as well as pertinent information for tournament itself such as rules. I worked on all aspects of this site, including the backend, registration form, and front end display. I've also enjoyed attending the event!

Attack! Marketing


Knot Eye Computing worked closely with Attack! Marketing to provide technical support, web design, and business management tools. I have designed interface aspects of their corporate website including JavaScript enabled widgets, and built for them a fully AJAX enabled custom CRM system that let them track leads, phone calls, and client notes. I've also done research for them on various technologies for feasibility reports for some pretty amazing projects.

JV Content Manager


JV needed a website to showcase articles and educational writing on a variety of topics. He was experienced with the web, but was not a designer or developer. He needed a content manager that would allow him to control all aspects of his sites, from the colors to the layout to the graphics. I built a templating system that allowed him to build fully dynamic sites, including the ability to enter HTML fragments and tokens for auto-formatting. As the content manager is password protected, I cannot link to that, but I can link to his front end, which he is still filling with content.

Black Duck


I built a CSS and JavaScript drop down menu that would allow the complex navigation to be easily understood. I wrote the code to work for as many browsers as possible, even if JavaScript had been turned off. I also helped get the HTML and CSS working seamlessly in the new content manager, and updated some of the old code and JavaScript in interior pages.